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Pollogen Divine Pro (Pyramid Facelift)

DIVINE™ PRO offers the ultimate treatment for a total facial rejuvenation including skin toning, wrinkle reduction and skin firming with no surgery, minimal pain, and minimal downtime both as a treatment and prevention.


A winning combination of 4 clinically proven technologies:

VoluDerm™, TriPollar® RF, Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) and TriFractional™ work to renew the epidermis, mid-dermis and deep dermis, from the inside - out.


How does it work?

VoluDerm™ is a minimally invasive treatment using micro-needles with RF to safely and effectively target the dermis layer. This triggers the production of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The results are significant, especially on those hard to treat areas: neck, around the eyes and the upper lip areas. 


TriPollar® RF energy heats the dermis layer and contracts collagen fibers for immediate skin tightening, wrinkle reduction & preventive treatment. Increased fibroblast activity results in collagen regeneration for a long term effect. suitable for all skin types.


DMA™ combined with TriPollar RF energy, this stimulates and tones the muscles beneath the skin for a face lifting effect. DMA provides an internal massage effect accelerating blood and lymph circulation which optimises tissue oxygenation and detoxification.

Voluderm RF with radiofrequency is the ultimate treatment that combines all of these treatments into one.

TriFractional™ RF skin resurfacing rejuvenates the outer epidermis layer. This minimally invasive treatment creates micro-wounds which trigger the body's natural healing response mechanism. Old and damaged skin cells are removed and the body produces new and healthy skin.


(Treatments can be booked in combination or separately depending on your skin concern, speak to a member of our team to discuss the best course of treatment for you). 

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